Shearwater | 24/02/10

Image: The Golden Archipelago press shot

Domino Publishing is thrilled to announce the new release of Shearwater's "The Golden Archipelago" out on Matador (2/23/2010)...

"The Golden Archipelago" is the third album for Shearwater.  Jonathan Meiburg takes you on an ambitious journey about a mans experiences and impact on the natural world. It portrays Jonathan's interest in ornithology and academic work focusing on migration patterns.

"The band's organic incorporation of marimbas and other mallet percussion, its use of acoustic instruments to create textures, its sense of restraint-- these are all well on display on The Golden Archipelago. It's an album you can spend time with and understand as a whole work, and one that grows on you with each listen, revealing yet more detail and nuance."- Pitchfork

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The CD comes with a beautiful 50 page book including details, and images collected by Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg AND the LP 2 bonus track and an MP3 dowload coupon!!

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Shearwater album art pic