Arthur Russell | 16/12/09

Image: Arthur Russell photo

It has happened.... Domino Publishing has entered into an administration deal  with Another Audika- the Worldwide publishers for much of Arthur Russell's groudbreaking catalog. 

Arthur was a groundbreaking artist- somebody who was able to bridge the gap from classical music (he studied Cello at the Manhattan School of Music), disco (Arthur was a co-founder of Sleeping Bag Records), and the Downtown NYC new music scene (He collabborated with Phillip Glass, David Byrne, Rhys Chatham and others). While Arthur found modicum of success and acclaim during his lifetime (Arthur died of Aids in 1992 at age 40), there is no question that he was highly underappreciated during his lifetime. In 2004, longtime fan Steve Knutson compiled and released the first album of unreleased Arthur Russell songs ("Calling out of Context"-Audika Records), and largely through this and subsequent releases, Arthur's music has started to gain the respect of the music world.  Already seen as a visionary for his influence in the avant music world, the series of releases on Audika (represented by Domino) have unearthed many surprises, including last years's sweet and compelling "Love is Overtaking Me" , which unearthed a side of Arthur not yet heard: that of country-folk troubadour!

Compositions administered by Domino include songs found on "Love is Overtaking me" (2008), "Springfield EP (2006), "First Thought, Best Thought" (2006). "World of Echo" (2005, originally released in 1986), and "Calling out of Context" (2004)

Domino Publishing is thrilled to help spread the word about Arthur Russell's incredible music and honored to be representing this catalog.

also if you haven't already you must check out this amazing Arthur Russell Documentary "Wild Combination"