Bullion, real name Nathan Jenkins, is a producer, mix engineer and songwriter from West  London. In addition to this he runs DEEK Recordings, a label releasing diverse and worldly  music guided by the mantra 'pop, not slop!'.

 Nathan's productions, achieving acclaim in 2008 with Get Familiar, are full of distinctive  rhythmic arrangements and unexpected changes – owing to a short attention span and acute  attention to detail. With a slew of releases on One-Handed music, he drew the attention of  Young Turks, releasing ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’ in 2011 and soon after, R&S, revealing his  own voice on 2012’s hypnotic ‘Say Arr Ee’.

 Forthcoming is 'Rooster', a mini album for joint release on Greco Roman and DEEK. Alongside  solo output, Nathan produces and writes with other artists. Collaborations include Gwilym  Gold, JUCE!, Rye Rye, Laura Groves & Tic Zogson (as Nautic) and Jesse Hackett (as Blludd  Relations).

 Over the past few years Nathan has been booked to DJ all over the world and in 2010 was  invited to Ethiopia for a music trip with Africa Express. More recently, Paul Epworth (Adele,  Glass Animals) has enlisted him to work on various projects, culminating in an additional  production credit on the Pop Group’s latest LP.