Wilsen is the creation of 27-year-old London native Tamsin Wilson. Forged in the burgeoning creative quarters of Brooklyn, Wilsen’s fragile, seductive sound sits at odds with the transient cultural moods of her adopted neighbourhood, instead sharing a closer creative affinity with the timeless sonic textures of European dream pop.

Alongside Wilsen bandmates Johnny Simon Jr and Drew Arndt - both songwriters & producers in their own right - Tamsin Wilson’s passion is for the detail; each Wilsen song is tirelessly sculpted over time, building an atmosphere, a mood, a state of mind. Simon Jr’s minimalist guitar melodies and Arndt’s rhythmic basslines create a platform for the gossamer vocals of Tamsin Wilson, by turns ethereal and earthy, and the rich driving force behind Wilsen’s gentle rise.

Wilsen's debut release was eight-track mini-album ‘Sirens’. This was followed by EP ‘Magnolia’ and a couple of standalone singles, ‘Garden’ & ‘Centipede’. The debut Wilsen album is due for release in spring 2017.