Trailer Trash Tracys – aka Suzanne Aztoria, Jimmy Lee, Adam Jaffrey and Dayo James – rose to prominence with the spiralling debut “Candy Girl/ You Wish You Were Red”, which went on to be championed by the likes of Guardian and Dazed and Confused. Taking their cues from wide, varied influences and interests such as 'solfeggio harmonics, the transitionary period of analogue to digital in Western pop music and Sufi Poetry'", the quartet make kaleidoscopic yet otherworldly pop songs, a beautiful clash of exquisite and dissonant, loaded with tension and seemingly hovering on the brink of collapse. With their signing to Double Six, they join a roster which includes the likes of Spiritualized, Jon Hopkins and John Cale, the shimmering taster track “Dies in 55” is the first tantalising teaser of what’s to come.