After a period of silence following the release and touring of their acclaimed second album, Hidden, These New Puritans make their highly anticipated return with Field of Reeds, their first record for Infectious Music.

It marks a sonic deviation for the band by delving into emotive orchestral experimentalism and represents another uncompromising shift from a band without peer.  It’s a dark, honest and experimental orchestral work that reflects the band’s love of Bach, Britten and Stephen Sondheim.

Arranged with conductor André de Ridder, Field of Reeds also features basso profundo Adrian Peacock, renowned British jazz trumpeter Henry Lowther, Dutch contemporary composer Michel van der Aa, Swedish soundtrack arranger Hans Ek and Portuguese jazz singer Elisa Rodrigues, creating an incredibly distinct soundscape that’s already winning adoration from fans and critics. 

These New Puritans are amassing a catalogue of modern classic albums.  2008’s off-kilter post-punk Beat Pyramid (Domino / Angular) was called "utterly engrossing and totally essential" by The Observer and 2010's Hidden (Domino / Angular) (often stylised as ĦỊĐĐỂŅ) was notably critically acclaimed, with its "extraordinary range, originality and clarity of purpose that defy overall comparison with anything else."  It boasted five star reviews across the board and won NME Magazines 'Album of the Year 2010'.

They dedicated late 2010 to recreating the album live with a series of shows (ĦỊĐĐỂŅ LIVE) in venues such as London's Barbican Centre and Paris' Pompidou Centre, featuring the Britten Sinfonia, a haunting children's choir, 10ft taiko drums, multiple vibraphonists and live Foley techniques.

The shows surrounding Field of Reeds promise to be nothing short of spellbinding.