The Mules are made up of Duncan Brown on guitar, Timothy Burke on both the piano and synthesisers, Jenny Lau on the fiddle, Jim Lesslie on the bass, Ed Seed playing the drums and vocals. Other members which sometimes contribute to the sound of The Mules are Adam Beach (bass), Nico Beedle (fiddle), Henry Brown (bass), Nick Gill (guitar), Tim Hancock (piano), Tom Hobden (fiddle) and Dominic McGuinness (guitar).


The mules are a London-based ‘electrobilly’ band, fusing the rockabilly style with experimental electronic music. Having been a band since 2001, The Mules have released two studio albums through label Organ Grider Records. Their debut album ‘Save Your Face’ was released in 2006. The Mules have not released another album since but are still actively working with producer Ricky M.