The Memory Band - Steven Cracknell and his folk supergroup - was born at the turn of the century and draws upon the disparate talents of a network of musicians all of whom share a predilection for music of an acoustic bent and songs about love and dancing. With rhythms, strings and singing in both harmony and unison.

The 4th offering 'On the Chalk ( Our Navigation Line Of The Downs)' ( Static Caravan 2013)  marks the 10th anniversary of one the most invigorating and much loved Folk acts around. A group described by NME as “a disorientating, drugged-up soundtrack for the 21st Century… genuinely beautiful.” The record is a beguiling musical tribute to a mythical ancient pathway crossing Southern England, The Harrow Way and is made of eleven songs spread across haunting horn noises, crackles, drones, blissed-out beats and tender piano melodies.

It follows the pastoral soundscapes of self titled debut (Hungry Hill 2004) (which is run in conjunction with Spinney Records), 'Apron Strings' (Peacefrog Records UK/ Dicristina Stairbuilders North America 2006) and Oh My Days (Hungry Hill 2011).