Fronted by singer, lyricist, poet, and harmonica player Stewart Lupton (formerly lead singer of Jonathan Fire*Eater), the Childballads also include Tunde Oyewole on bass guitar, Paul Arfield (also of Beaut) on rhythm guitar, Luke Wyatt on sideways guitar and John Melville on drums. They have been joined by Betsy Wright on keyboards, viola, and vocals, Hugh MacIntosh on drums and Judah Bauer (also of John Spencer Blues Explosion) on lead guitar. After the breakup of Jonathan Fire*Eater, Lupton studied poetry at George Washington University -- concentrating mainly on the High Middle Ages and Modernism -- reconnecting with his early passion for literature. The Childballads' sound is reminiscent of Royal Trux, a band that Lupton himself cites as an influence, and their musical performances are interspersed with recitations of poetry. For example, in a solo gig at the Luna Lounge, Lupton read from John Ashbery. Traces of Ashbery can be found in Lupton's poetry and lyrics, as can be elements of Eliot and Dante. Similarly, in New York City's Lower East Side’s "Cake Shop" on April 25, 2007, Lupton read from, and sang about, Lord Byron. Lupton performs in the style and tradition of Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, mixing scholarly knowledge with original music. Also: Besides having toured Paris and London in the past, The Childballads have toured as opening acts for Cat Power. The Childballads may perform at South By Southwest in the spring of 2008 but nothing has been confirmed as of January 2008. As of January, 2008, Lupton is busy working on a book of poetry.