We are Liam Bailey, Hannah Caughlin, Stephen Cracknell and Sam Genders and collectively we are know as The Accidental. We made an album and have played a number of shows in such lovely venues as The Union Chapel and Cecil Sharp House and supported the wonderful Malcolm Middleton.

All of us have other projects which involve recording and performing, so please take the time to check them out below if you can. We owe a lot to the likes of Serafina Steer, Laura Moody, Rob Spriggs, Lisa Knapp, Jennymay Logan, Nancy Wallace and Martin Smith who've all helped us on the album and live shows.

Our next project is to do some filming, the results of which we hope to air over the summer. We are open to offers for more events and are playing the odd summer festival, we can be contacted via our website but please bear in mind our busy schedules.

(The Accidental)