Without much fanfare, Steve Mason, one of the Britpop generation’s few genuinely brilliant and original songsmiths, has been delivering on the promise of The Beta Band’s ‘The 3 EP’s’ – the masterpiece which introduced his extraordinary talent to the world.


The groundbreaking recordings on ‘The Three EP’s’, which were compiled 12 years ago from Mason’s very first releases, had a massive impact on the UK pop landscape and beyond, quite literally altering the way music was made, bringing a fresh, playful, genre-busting spirit to the deployment of new technology and traditional instruments. Thereafter, The Beta Band, led by Mason, struggled manfully beneath the weight of expectation. After they split up in ’04, Steve went to ground in his native Fife, firing off wonderfully unconventional records under a series of pseudonyms – most prominently, King Biscuit Time and Black Affair.

He has released three solo albums on the Domino imprint 'Double Six Recordings'. The first being 'Boys Outside' in 2010, followed by 'Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time' in 2013. His third album 'Meet the Humans' in 2016 was written at home by Mason, the tracks were then rehearsed in Brighton with touring band mates Steve Duffield and Greg Nielson, before being recorded with Elbow keyboardist and producer Craig Potter at Blueprint Studios in Salford. Recorded in the studios ‘big room’, an ex-factory space with floor to ceiling windows, the album took shape during a smooth and enjoyable six weeks in the early summer of 2015.