On 6 January 2014 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks released their new album, 'Wig Out At Jagbags' (Domino Records/ Domino Publishing). The album was produced by the band (Stephen Malkmus (Domino Publishing), Joanna Bolme, Jake Morris and Mike Clark) with Remko Schouten (the Dutch soundman who previously worked with Pavement) and was recorded in a studio in rural Ardennes with ‘a farmhouse vibe’. This will be Malkmus' 5th solo record following the break-up of his seminal American alt-rock band, Pavement, with which he recorded 'Brighten The Corners' (1997), 'Terror Twilight' (1999) and 'Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain' (2002); iconic records that spawned songs like 'Cut Your Hair' and 'Shady Lane' with Malkmus' unmistakable voice and songwriting which inspired a generation of guitar bands and continues to do so to this day.