Jason Spaceman is back with his sixth studio outing under the Spiritualized banner, Songs In A&E a record - more even than any of its predecessors in the Spiritualized canon.

“We found a guitar in a shop in Cincinnati,” Jason recalls, “a 1929 Gibson, absolutely immaculate. It was in a store full of the things, and it just sounded unlike anything else in there. I had no money but I kind of knew that I had to have the guitar, we found the man and took the guitar away, and it almost seemed like it came with the songs attached.”

“While I was doing stuff for Harmony’s film, I also worked on the ‘Harmony’ pieces [on Songs In A&E]. They’re called that as a reference to him, and also because they’re kind of harmonic pieces. They suggested a way of putting the original tracks together.”

The album that slowly took shape has all the flow of previous Spiritualized classics, only here there is no hiding behind studio effects, or screaming tornados of guitar feedback. Jason now prepares to do what for him is the more care-free part of his trade – live performance. He will return with a full Spiritualized line up in the UK in May with dates around the world to follow.

(Andrew Perry, February 2008)