Tom Morgan fronted Aussie stalwarts Smudge, a tremendous 'slacker pop' trio who he formed in 1991 with drummer Alison Galloway. They quickly became known for the melodic, mini-pop masterpieces of Tom Morgan with colourful lyrics and their low-fi approach to recording, releasing three albums (plus a collection of B sides and unreleased covers), a mini-album, a handful of singles, and appearing on several compilation albums. The albums Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra and Manilow were reissued is 2010 by Fire Records. Tom established himself as one of the finest lyricists of a generation, which was brought to wider attention when he paired with Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando for the albums It's a Shame About Ray and Come on Feel The Lemonheads. With Tom's lyrical dexterity and ear for a perfect pop song, their meeting proved timely when Evan was looking for inspiration as he began the more 'pop' direction of his career. Some Lemonheads songs of that era were direct covers of Smudge songs, such as single b-side and live classic "Outdoor Type". Morgan wrote "It's a Shame About Ray" with Dando and the two of them collaborated more extensively on "Come on Feel The Lemonheads".