Sky Larkin are Katie Harkin (vocals and guitar), Doug Adams (bass) and Nestor Matthews (drums). Formed in Leeds, Yorkshire, Sky Larkin began life with long time friends and school mates Katie and Nestor rehearsing in bedrooms and garages before adding Doug to their ranks.


From then on, their ascent has been rapid and exhilarating. Refusing to be musically pigeonholed or viewed as a provincial concern, there’s a timeless, international scope to their music, echoing the likes of The Breeders, Violent Femmes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more. To compare Sky Larkin directly to any singular band or record however, would be doing the trio a grave injustice. Certainly this non-UK centric outlook is why it makes perfect sense that the band chose to spread their wings and record their debut album as far afield from the UK as Seattle, Washington.


Honed by the skills of neo-legendary producer John Goodmanson (Sleater Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf), they’ve created an ageless record that is punchy and razor sharp yet layered, intriguing and complex. Much of the credit for this can be put down to the fascinating stories and similes that surround the record. Full of oblique references, lyrical twists and heart-bursting couplets, it’s an engrossing and compelling listen. Sonically married to sharp guitars, crushing rhythms and soaring choruses it all comes together to create an undeniably fantastic LP of dense and rewarding pop songs.


Prior to recording their debut album, the band were all studying far away from each other, journeying to meet regularly in Leeds, London and beyond in order to play shows with the likes of Broken Social Scene, The Gossip, Menomena and to tour with new label mates Los Campesinos!. Following the completion of their various studies, Sky Larkin regrouped in Leeds to be quickly offered a deal with Wichita Recordings (Bloc Party, The Cribs, Les Savy Fav) and sent straight to Seattle to record the fruits of their labour. On their return this summer, they were invited to showcase their talents at various events including theGlastonbury and Latitude festivals.


The rest of 2008 has seen the release of their first full single release 'Fossil, I' and a pair of European tours with Conor Oberst and Los Campesinos! respectively. In addition, Sky Larkin have been performing shows with both Hot Club de Paris and Swedes Those Dancing Days. Recently, the band returned to the United States to play hugely acclaimed shows in New York and to record the extraordinary video for their forthcoming debut single, Beeline.