Born in Hawaii to a family of artists, Simone White’s Beautiful, highly personal songs in deftly experimental settings caught the attention of Damon Albarn and he promptly signed her to his label Honest Jon’s Records.

Her first 2 albums ‘I am a man’ and ‘Yakiimo’ were critics favourites, "The Beep Beep Song" became the soundtrack for a world-wide, award-winning ad campaign for Audi and 'Bunny in a Bunny Suit' was the soundtrack to an Omega watch commercial starring Nicole Kidman.

2012's album 'Silver, Silver' features that voice amidst drones and washes, found sound and layered harmonies, a delicate weft of acoustic and electronic music-making. The title track is a duet with Andrew Bird. The record has been lapped up by press around the globe.