Moon Bounce is mutant pop pioneer and songwriter, Corey Regensburg. Taking cues from dance music, R&B, and even the rhythmic lurch of metal, his output combines soulful vocals with crafty percussion and hyper-controlled synthesis. Moon Bounce is almost always obsessed with groove, occasionally on the verge of falling apart.

Gaining notoriety from a slew of EPs, including 2014’s acclaimed Dress Rehearsal – the initial release from his Grind Select label -- Regensburg’s ambitious compositions and cutting, self-referential lyrical content struck a chord with those sick of the sterile and predictable wave of producers hitting Soundcloud. The music video for lead single “Shake” was nominated for The Berlin Music Video Awards, its depiction of a “puppet bloodbath” a jarring piece of black comedy.

Releasing a series of singles and EPs on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs, Activia Benz, Moving Castle and even a collaboration with the legendary The Bloody Beetroots on Dim Mak, Moon Bounce’s mutant pop had found its footing. Shows with Rhye, Slow Magic and Prince Rama affirmed Regensburg’s versatility as a fiercely engaging performer.

Moon Bounce’s first full-length LP, Clean House, returning to his Grind Select label, showcases the most exposed Regensburg’s songwriting has ever been. Songs like “Drugs” and “Empty Hole” put his voice more prominently in the forefront, as he reconciles serious relationships in his life with relatable neuroses. His most pristine sounding work, the record could not have been made by anyone but Regensburg, the obtuse rhythms, infectious melodies, twists and turns all integral parts of the Moon Bounce universe.

With his signing to Domino Publishing and a collection of concise and freaky new material on the horizon, you can expect anything but the expected.