Provider of original and energetic productions, broken in by hardcore jungle and inspired by music from samplers since.

"I was born in Autumn of 1981 in Somerset near the sea. By '84 my Mum and Dad completed our family as my little sister was born. Flanked by my older brother I am the 'middle child', mediator and creator. On the grass I was defence, a strong tackler and a good keeper. Elsewhere I would be drawing cartoons or tinkling on the ivories. At secondary school I played in my first band and from then on I've always been on my way from or to a stage or a studio. I finished being educated with a degree in Recording Arts and now I am stupid working for myself. My manager tells people I'm the new Photek, and the Independent newspaper recon I'm great fun.

On a unforgettable night in 2007 I launched my debut album at Chew the Fat! in London's the End nightclub. 'Beserka' was the first album release on Fat! Records and received a grand response from press and people. The label has been my stable and has the scheduled release for two Merka album projects in 2008. I've pressed breaks 12's for independents Re:connect and Big Square, produced remixes for Soul of Man, Unique 3 and the Dub Pistols, and launched a bootleg label amongst a variety of studio projects and DJ gigs. Forever a fan of the turntable, I've built a strong reputation as a fresh DJ. Cutting my teeth at college playing Drum & Bass in pubs I've now played across the UK, Europe and Australia, highlights including playing back to back with Pendulum and at the worlds biggest Club, Space in Ibiza.

In the studio is where I'll be so hold tight for forthcoming tracks, remixes and productions."  MARK MERKA.