Formed in 1999 by principal member and songwriter Quentin Stoltzfus, MAZARIN's time on earth has passed. Having only recorded a few albums (Watch it Happen, A Tall Tale Story Line, We're Already There) for release on labels (Sub Pop, spinArt, I and Ear, Bella Union, RocketGirl, Houston Party Records, Sinnamon, V2 Europe, Remote Control Records, Rock Records Japan, Wah Records Japan) in four continents (North America, Europe, Australia, Asia) Mazarin came under the 'persuasion' of the judicial system.


After a number of legal proceedings due to a conflict of band names, Mazarin decided it would be easier and more time-effective to change their name. This name change is currently underway. As for the future, Quentin Stoltzfus (and every contributing member to have ever played in Mazarin) is still making music with every intention of making it available to you, in time.