Magic Bullets began as as a side project of a full time band in Redwood City, CA in 2004. What started as a lark became the main focus and the driving force for core members for years to come. 

In early 2007 the band released an album's worth of recordings collected over the span of the three years since the band's conception. Their first full length “A Child But In Life Yet A Doctor In Love” was released on Minneapolis’ Words on Music. 

Numerous tours of the states followed, finding the band as far East as New York and showcased at Austin's SXSW music festival in 2008. Magic Bullets played with some of their favorite acts, old and new, including Pylon, A Certain Ratio, Section 25, The Raincoats, No Age, Wild Beasts, The Walkmen, and MGMT. 

Magic Bullets opted to self-release their second recording, a four song 12" titled "Magic Bullets Lives For Romance". “Lives for Romance” saw a dramatic maturation of the band’s sound from “A Child…” and despite various lineup changes, shining reviews for the EP encouraged the band to continue writing songs for a second album.

Whereas the first full length was somewhat haphazardly compiled, this new record was to be a better-envisioned and more deliberate effort.

2010's Magic Bullets (Mon Amie Records) exposes the band for what they are: a seasoned group who's seen its ups and downs and yet somehow ends up the better for it.