This is a tale of triumph over adversity, where an enforced period of change resulted in a remarkable process of rejuvenation for Barrie, bass player Lewis Wharton and new drummer Billy Skinner. They're clearly the sort that feel if it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger. And they're still standing, which means they must be ready to move mountains.

A year on from the release of their debut album, We Are Little Barrie, and given all the studio hopping, producer switching and drummer recruiting that has taken place, it's unsurprising that Barrie finds himself captain of a somewhat different ship this time around. To tell the whole story of the new album, though, you have to go back to the beginnings of the band. The first Little Barrie single, Shrug Off Love, was released in 1999 on the tiny Stark Reality label, and was the work of Barrie and his friend, drummer Wayne Fullwood. Portsmouth-raised Wharton bought a copy, and went in search of the band. Having told Barrie how great he thought the record was, he talked himself into the band. More singles followed, and by 2004 they had signed to PIAS/WALL OF SOUND imprint Genuine.

The band's debut LP, We Are Little Barrie, was recorded with the legendary Edwyn Collins, in whatever time the producer had to spare. It was released to rave reviews and strong worldwide sales in February of 2005, and the band embarked on an extensive tour taking in the UK, the US, Australia and Japan.

Doing things for themselves has long been Little Barrie's adage and with Stand Your Ground, they've produced a record that encapsulates this philosophy.

"It isn't fashionable to play guitar certain ways at the moment, being influenced by the blues isn't fashionable; I guess sometimes looking like you give a shit about the music you playing isnÕt fashionable. But you've just got to use your judgment, Barrie concludes. We wanted to make a harder-hitting record, without it making a rock record: we've come full circle, through all the changes, and I think this album really sums up where we've been."