Described by music critics as everything from 'a slightly nastier Tom Waits' to 'the Grandmother of Trip-Hop' Leslie Winer has collaborated with &/or written songs for Grace Jones, Sinead O'Connor, Jon Hassel, C M von Hausswolff, done features for Christopher Chaplin, Diamond Version, Jah Wobble and been covered by Matmos & countable others.  

She has also had her music featured in films including Sophie Fiennes' 'Bloodlight and Bami' and Cheryl Dunye's feminist classic 'The Watermelon Woman' — and soundtracked a Budweiser commercial which premiered at the Superbowl.  

John Peel called LW a musician's musician and said her small but persistent and prescient cult classic 'Witch' (pseudonym ©) was 'the very definition of a hidden gem'.  Said to be played as often at Sean Penn's BBQs in Hollywood as at block parties in Compton, LW's music is addressing the hard problem of consciousness.  She repairs small electrical appliances for free on Wednesday afternoons.