Leo Minor – b.1981 Los Angeles General Hospital. Taken early on by the legendary recordings of Scott Walker, David Bowie, and Philip Oakey, he learned the art of song as a teen in the jazz and rock clubs of Milwaukee and Chicago. The first recordings of Leo Minor songs took place in a small, dank, sun-drenched studio in Tallahassee, Florida where Leo had settled in with engineer Floyd Rivers to create something new, electronic, and outside of the well worn path of the crooner. The oppressive heat of the American south makes the whiskey flow freely, and this ingredient permeates the otherwise sophisticated intentions of Leo Minor’s songwriting. The music is also some of the first to expand on a new movement in the underground dance scene known as “Glyde”. Originated by Leo and fellow producer Salva, this uptempo style of beat construction is quite literally a fusion of ultra-modern electro with the 180bpm polka beat. The results can be heard on the first 12 inch single released by Leo Minor in 2006 on Uppercuts, titled 'Sudden Death City'.