Currently hailing from Brighton, England, Kins originally formed in late 2010 around a collection of home-demos by frontman Thomas Savage. Kins spent their first six months playing small shows up and down the coasts of Australia with the city of Melbourne acting as home-base. In May 2011 they released their 7-track debut E.P; ‘Dancing Back And Forth Covered In Whipped Cream’. After relocating to the UK, Thomas was faced with the task of finding a new rhythm section, which eventually arrived in the form of Rob Walters and Alex Knight. Refusing to waste a single day, the band restlessly went about writing, recording and rehearsing fresh batches of material. Self-produced over the winter months of 2012-2013 in a damp basement flat by the sea, their eyponymous debut yields 10 tracks which aptly reflect the isolated environment they were created in.