Freshfaced eccentric Adrian Flanagan aka KINGS HAVE LONG ARMS, used to live in Salford, Lancashire but now Lives in a small cave in a wood on the outskirts of Sheffield.

It is here you will find him making his joyful, uplifting, life giving "eccentronic unpopular music". Regarded by many as a bona-fide Genius but known by his mum as "not a full shilling".. On the budget of a giro and a mean line in Yee Olde Salfordian blag & charm, kINGS HAVE lONG ARMS has had some of the biggest Pop Icons of the past 40 years wanting to work with him. KHLA writes songs, special songs, sometimes he sings them himself, sometimes he gets a legend to do it for him.

KHLA recently recorded with Liverpool pop starlet Candie Payne.