Nearly three years after the release of his debut album 'Luck Shiner', Gold Panda announces his second album 'Half Of Where You Live', released on his own NOTOWN Recordings (and Ghostly International in America). The intervening period saw Gold Panda touring the world multiple times around and absorbing influences and probing potential new avenues of creative exploration on a handful of interim releases, leading to what feels like the definitive studio return of the Essex-born producer. It was, of course, 'Lucky Shiner' that propelled the unassuming south-easterner into a world of ever changing territories and accelerated life experiences. The blog buzz that surrounded portentous early EPs like 'Quitter’s Raga', 'Miyamae' and 'You' spilt over with his debut LP, a record that burst out from the bedroom and onto the dance floor with its wonky beats, chopped up samples and tech-flecked melodies.