Dave, Graeme and Nigel hatched the Formula 1 project in the aforementioned Bar Columnas in Seville in 2006 while attending WOMEX.


Since then Dave and Graeme have created a selection of recordings entitled Satellite Sweetheart’, and is to be released on the Wire-Sound label on Monday 15th February 2010.


Dave’s debut collection of solo recordings features brand new collaborations on brand new material with Howard Devoto, Barry Adamson, John Doyle and even John McGeoch makes an appearance. Additional performances are supplied by guest vocalists and musicians David McAlmont, Robert Wyatt, Corinne Drewery, Joel Purnell and Dennis Rollins. All top players on top of their game. Available in CD and download formats. This item is available now for pre-order from the Wire-Sound online shop.


Dave has been involved with seminal bands throughout his musical career. He kicked off things with St. Louis Union, who entered the hit parade, as was, in the 1965 ‘beat boom’, with their debut 45rpm release, ‘Girl’. Between ‘65 and ‘67 they made the infamous Twisted Wheel club in Manchester their HQ and they can be seen performing two numbers in relic of a beat film ‘The Ghost Goes Gear’ (available to purchase on DVD and to view on YouTube.com). Nowadays they are rightly rated in mod circles as the bees-knees.


Dave next showed up on the radar as the creator and player of the multi-layered keyboard sounds in Magazine (see their separate page on this very website for more information).


Thereafter Dave was a founding member of the influential ‘futurist’ group Visage. Dave co-wrote on both Visage albums before turning his attentions to production.


He established Strongroom recording studios with Richard Boote and later Red Bird studios, where he now resides and creates soundtracks and other ambient recordings and for, amongst others, the BBC and British Film Institute.