Guitarist Chris Forsyth’s hypnotic instrumentals assimilate art-rock textures with vernacular American influences culled from a lauded career as a composer, improviser, and inveterate collaborator. Long active in the international improv/experimental underground, he’s released a series of acclaimed records as a solo artist that demonstrate a resolute engagement in making corporeal/cerebral music that transcends such subterranean realms, reaching instead for a bleeding-edge physicality and lyricism that he deems “cosmic Americana.” The fascinating tension manifest in Forsyth’s playing between often long-form, rarefied abstraction and percolating rhythms and rock/roots structures animates notable recent works such as his 2011 LP 'Paranoid Cat' on Family Vineyard and 'Early Astral', a 2012 duo LP with Koen Holtkamp (Mountains) on Blackest Rainbow.

In Fall 2013,  the Paradise of Bachelors label will release 'Solar Motel' the follow up to Forsyth's 2012 'Kenzo Deluxe' LP/CD on Northern Spy. An immersive four-part suite referencing the eponymous (and now vanished) derelict New Jersey lodge, featuring renowned NYC drummer Mike Pride, bass guitarist Peter Kerlin, and organ/keyboard/piano man Shawn Hansen of Kansas City.  According to critic Tony Rettman, “sneak listens to his upcoming LP, Solar Motel hint that the best has yet to be heard. Solar Motel is broken up into four parts, each one of them escalating in sequence with head-swelling psychedelic bliss while showcasing Forsyth’s equal admiration for the guitar interplay of both Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd from Television and Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. It serves as a perfect example for what Forsyth calls his music: cosmic Americana.”  Forsyth will be touring behind the record with a stellar new Solar Motel Band featuring bassist Kerlin, guitarist Paul Sukeena (Spacin’) and drummer Steven Urgo (ex-The War on Drugs).