Buy Gold’s debut album is Cambria Goodwin's sound of renewal, of moving beyond coping and learning to live again, of finding present joy in a world that is capable of delivering ineffable tragedy. For an album that deals with loss, grief and betrayal, 'Electric Hereafter' is remarkably life-affirming, its ten songs evoking the country that provided their inspiration –– expansive, fortifying and often breathtakingly beautiful, from the cathartic ‘Plastic Past’ to the buoyant, horn-led ‘Television Laughter’, to the slow-burning, dusk-lit ‘Back Down’.

Jason Quever’s production (The Papercuts) is clear and intimate, a warm, uncluttered ambience of pedal steel, piano, organ and horns that never crowds Cambria’s plaintive acoustic guitar, nor her singular voice. Cambria’s transporting voice lies at the heart of the album; an instrument both sweet and mournful, it radiates with the wonder, resilience and hurt that imbue these songs with such directness and feeling.