BOBBY is a cooperative musical project based on the talents of musicians from Partisan Records and Knitting Factory Records which is notable for achieving an avant garde alternative sound using polyrhythm as well as achieving critical acclaim before releasing their first album entitled Bobby. With Martin Zimmermann (Chunk) on the cans, Paolo Menuez (Pillow) on thweedles, Julian Labat (Crumbles) on low-end, Roby Moulton (Moldy) on wisps and Molly Sarle (of Mountain Man) to contribute vocally, the recordings from their first big show caught the ear of Tim Putnam, who quickly signed the group to his label, Partisan Records. From the success of their big show, the group decided to shack up together all relocating to western Massachusetts in the town of Montague. The music was going well, but a name for the group still eluded them. For many months they struggled but in the end decided to name it after their front man, Bobby.