Generating molten heat right from the opening bars of first track "Magnetic Warrior," Coconut, the new Archie Bronson Outfit album, is a record full of deep riffs, spaced loops and the sound of a band revelling in both their individuality and intensity. Coconut is a record of barely contained ambition and ecstatic overload. The album was produced by DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Hercules & Love Affair) with recording sessions in Michigan, London and mixing in New York. The result is a wildness of musical vision, given the freedom to be let absolutely loose.

Switching between full on deep-end rock and more reflective, beat-driven, numbers Coconut is a modern psychedelic testament delivering a visceral shot of pleasure. The record’s out and out rockers: "Magnetic Warrior," "Wild Strawberries," "Harness (Bliss)" are sweet aural assaults, pushing further and further ahead, leaving swirls of feedback and shredded senses behind. The automated voice on "Magnetic Warrior" rises from the riffs to repeat “think I’m ready for more, think I’m ready for more” establishing perfectly the Coconut mission statement and mindset from track one.

Elsewhere Coconut moves into the strange, dark, space disco first hinted at on the band’s breakout single "Dead Funny". Tracks like "Shark’s Tooth," "Hoola" and especially "Chunk" take ABO way with a groove to some awesomely disturbed and euphoric places. These tracks are stripped back to a head-nodding pulse, and fixed in a pinpoint rhythmic dexterity and reflexive, sensory percussion. This is real after-dark music. Archie Bronson Outfit’s spaced funk-not-funk is a portal to some strange nocturnal location.

Few tracks have ever sounded so literal as "You Have a Right to a Mountain Life" – opening with the war cry squall of psychedelic cave dwellers, before breaking down into a monster Cro-Magnon boogie. "Bite It" and Believe It" and "Hunt You Down" sound like almost-laments offering changes in pace and a different psychic mood. Coconut concludes with the unhinged euphoria of "Run Gospel Singer," ending on a high, the journey completed.

Archie Bronson Outfit have recorded a new sonic testament for a new decade’s dawn. Get your freak on.