Shall Noise Upon,  released  September 2nd, 2008 on the Headless Heroes label, is the third full-length album from Apollo Sunshine.  The band has already proven their versatility and skill on their past albums, 2003's Katonah and 2005's Apollo Sunshine, but Shall Noise Upon shows them at their strongest. We find multi-instrumentalists Jesse Gallagher, Sam Cohen, and Jeremy Black weaving through a multitude of styles: from mind-expanding pop psych to barn burning blues howlers, funk grooves, cowboy tunes, tropicalia/soul, and delicately orchestrated instrumental meditations, all played with assured fluidity and inspiration. Shall Noise Upon is as carefully crafted as a perfectly compiled mix tape, filled with awesome original material that celebrates the journey through darkness and light.  

The band went up to the Catskill mountains in the summer of 2007 and began work in a house not only inhabited by spirits, but also right next door to the home of the original "Uncle Sam". Surrendering themselves to the collective head-space and transformative musical alchemy of Apollo Sunshine, the group, alongside friend and co-producer Quentin Stoltzfus, (Mazarin), have created a record that will have you believing in music as a vehicle for illumination. The lush, CinemaScopic arrangements on the album were able to be fully realized by recruiting a slew of friends and guest musicians, (including Drug Rug, Edan, White Flight, The Self Righteous Brothers, Dawn Landes and many, many more). 

Album-openers “Breeze” and “Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You)” are love-poems to nature and longing, with cascading autoharps and drippy pedal steel, that weave the emotional connection to the world and to each other as one magnetic force. “666: The Coming Of The New World Government” likens America today to the fall of Rome around anthemic psych guitar scrawl, propellant percussion, and winding vocal harmonies that recall The Beatles at their most turned-on and far-out. “Brotherhood Of Death” is a brain-buster from the apocalypse that tells the hallucinatory tale of a man intoxicated  by greed and power; followed by “Happiness”, a sweeping, expansive instrumental, whose gorgeous flute and string arrangements sound like an orchestra conducted by Ray Davies. This summer they’ll be appearing at the Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, Kansas and the 2008 Wireless Festival in London.

Shall Noise Upon will give you the feeling of a perfect mix tape: the kind that will be traded among friends and treasured.  Apollo Sunshine creates harmony from the chaos all around us, fiercely celebrating a country and a world both dangerous and beautiful.