In the two years since she released her self-titled debut on Domino Records, life has changed for Anna Calvi, and 'One Breath' comes from a very different place. She wrote the first album over a long period of time, not knowing if anyone would ever even hear it, but made 'One Breath'in a few short weeks, determined not to make it a replica. Produced by John Congleton in Blackbox Studios, France and mixed in Dallas, Texas, USA, 'One Breath' was written in a year and recorded over a few intense weeks. 'One Breath' is a more personal record than its Mercury and Brit nominated predecessor. Reflective and vulnerable, it strikes a balance between optimism and despair, beauty and ugliness. The fiery elements of Anna’s debut remain, but 'One Breath' is more instinctive and urgent, revealing a wider spectrum of textures and emotion.