Adrian Crowley returns with his seventh studio album ‘Some Blue Morning’, due for release on the 10th of November, 2015. ‘Some Blue Morning’ is the follow up to 2012’s Choice Music Prize nominated ‘I See Three Birds Flying’.

Crowley achieves a number of interesting and brilliant advances with this collection. The compositions move between sparse dream-state ghost-songs and song-stories to all-out epic numbers with tense nerve-ending strings. We hear essential contributions from members of London string ensemble Geese, cellist Kevin Murphy and singer Katie Kim, amongst others. ‘Some Blue Morning’ was recorded in Dublin with long time friend Steve Shannon

With many of Adrian's trademark baritone vocals captured in the first take, there’s a palpable immediacy to these recordings that compliments the assuredness of the playing. Performing on an array of instruments ranging from the marxophone, mellotron, baby grand piano, electric guitar and omnichord, clarinet, and viola, Crowley mixes the arcane and the curious with present day technology to weave a perfect backdrop for his fertile story-telling.

He is currently working on his eighth album.