Planningtorock | 27/08/14

Jam Rostron, Bolton-born, Berlin-based is welcomed to the Domino Publishing family. The artist behind the multimedia recording and performance project Planningtorock, her 2014 LP 'All Love’s Legal' is both an extension of her previous work and a refinement and of its ideas and sonics. Planningtorock has always incorporated politics into her music, but this is by far her most explicitly political record yet. It follows 'W', which was released on DFA in 2011, and her 2006 debut album... Read more?


Ty Segall | 27/08/14

Ty Segall returns with another belter after the release of 'Sleeper' (Drag City 2014) which saw Ty have a dramatic change of pace to great effect. 'Manipulator' see's the guitars turned right back up for another fantastically raucous record.


Jeremy Jay was born in the San Diego suburb of Chula Vista, in southern California. His family later moved north to Los Angeles, and then north again, to Monterey.

When Jeremy was 14, he began playing in high school bands with schoolmates, performing to packed venues in the area. Seeing her son’s devotion to music, Jeremy’s mother bought him an eight-track reel-to-reel recorder, which he used to make recordings in a studio that he built in the family garage.

When Jeremy was 18 he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he met Calvin Johnson, Beat Happening singer and founder of K Records, the... Read »