Girl Band | 18/09/14

After a 7 minute single in "Lawman" at the start of the year, a 24 second follow-up in "The Cha Cha Cha", and then the critically accalimed, visceral hissy-fit of "De Bom Bom" ("could this be the best track ever?" - Tom Ravenscroft, BBC Radio 6) the Irish four piece today join us here at Domino Publising.

Formed a couple of years back and influenced by the likes of Bad Brains, Swell Maps, James Chance and... Read more?


Avi Buffalo | 10/09/14

We are pleased to welcome new signing Avi Buffalo to the Domino family. Embarking upon a sophomore effort can be a daunting task for any young upstart, and there’s no denying Avi Buffalo’s own bar was set quite high with 2010’s celebrated eponymous debut. Fear not, dear fans/family/friends/friends of friends/newcomers, there’s nothing in this tale about The Second Album—a.k.a. At Best Cuckold, due September 8th in Europe and September 9th in North America on Sub Pop—that even remotely... Read more?


Peaking Lights is an electronica/dub duo consisting of Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes. Their sound is also described as 'krautrock' or 'psychadelia' by some. After forming in 2006 due to an improvised recording session, the two moved to Wisconsin together and played gigs together to earn gas money. The first record Peaking Lights made was known as 'Clearvoiant' and was made using minimal equipment, such as a small radio in place of an amp and a couple of tiny keyboards.Their debut album ‘Take 936’ was released in November 2011 on the Weird World label.

Vivid, nocturnal and sensual, the eleven lean... Read »